Brother Innovis 350 With Feed Dog Problems

Brother Innovis 350 Feed Issues

Every now and again we get a real challenge in the workshop and last week it was a Brother Innovis 350 which the customer was complaining that the feed dog would not rise above the needle plate. The customer had tried the normal fixes such as taking the needle plate off and cleaning the area between the feed and the needle plate but it still would not rise.

Mark had this machine back to the workshop and after the bottom of the machine down completely discovered what had happened-with lots of use (lets face it what are sewing machines for, if not to be used) it is not the feed that has broken but a plastic part on the feed dog shaft that wears down in a particular way so that it no longer serves the purpose. On this occassion the damage to the feed mechanism was so great that we decided to replace the entire feed dog unit including step motor. This is not a job for the faint hearted and needed some helping hand from Brother technical who were excellent as always in helping with the complex resetting so that the patterns worked properly.

Now the machine is back to working order and will carry on feeding the material for some time to come. If you are experiencing feeding problems on your Brother Innovis 350 or one of the other Innovis range please feel free to give us a call or email Mark at and he will be happy to help you.



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