How NOT to wire a YDK sewing machine foot control to your existing lead properly

Over the past few years we have seen some pretty interesting wiring which has been completed by customers wanting to have a go at getting their machines back into working order…nothing wrong with that but sometimes it goes a little wrong.
The YDK foot control is a universal pedal which works perfectly as a replacement for older sewing machines or for modern machines that do not have electronic foot controls (those with dual speed etc.) These are reasonably simple to replace and all you need is either a cheap soldering iron or if you don’t have ones of those handy then you can thread the wires through the connection points on the right and left of the capacitor into the wire holes (gold coloured metal connections on the image). All you then have to do is secure your existing lead into the foot control (two screws and a wire cover) and then put the bottom on the foot control and plug in.

However, Mark came across this lovely example in the image recently where a customer had wired the foot control themselves and when he plugged the machine in it just ran like someone was pressing on the foot pedal full pelt. First instinct was that the capacitor had blown…but on taking the foot control apart the customer had wired a by pass system straight onto the main block of the foot control causing it to short out and run like crazy.

We sell the new YDK foot controls on our Ebay store: so if you need a replacement you can purchase this from us with a ‘how to’ sheet for easy replacement.



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