Bernina 850 industrial Sewing Machine with 20 Stitches- Suitable for Free Hand Embroidery

This is a lovely second hand Bernina 850 industrial sewing machine that we have for sale that is ideal for anyone wanting to do straight stitch, zig zag and other decorative stitches with the reliability and power of an industrial machine. The Bernina comes with multiple different feet for other applications as well as the ability to drop the feed for embroidery options. It also has a silent servo motor making it ideal to use in the home or in business as it is quiet and energy efficient.
If you are wondering about the application of this machine, then we have made a video on our CathedralSewingmachines YouTube account which shows the variety of materials that this machine can sew on as well as the decorative features.

Price: £550

Shipping: £Free



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