Power problems with a Bernina Nova Sewing Machine

We often get Bernina Nova sewing machines in our workshop where the customer tells us that the foot control is broken and needs replacing. Although the Nova foot control does break on occasion as it has a small panel in the underside it is normally the panel in the base of the actual sewing machine that causes a lot of the problem.

This particular machine came in with the complaint that the customer puts her foot on the foot pedal and the machine goes for a short time and then sometimes cuts out and then starts up again unexpectedly at full power. She asked for a price for a new foot control but when we got the machine in the workshop it became clear that this was a panel issue and not a foot pedal issue. What normally happens in one of the main capacitors breaks with age and pours the electrolytic ‘juice’ all over the panel so this needs replacing and the board needs cleaning up to make it run consistently again. Happy to say this one is running like new.

If you have a similar problem with a Bernina Nova and want some advice call or email us and we will try to help. Repairing a panel is not for the faint hearted and we are fully qualified in soldering techniques and have the official earthing equipment set up on our testing bench in the workshop.



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