Reasons for picking a servo motor over a clutch motor for your industrial sewing machine

Jack 550w Energy Efficient Motor

Having dealt with industrial sewing machines for over 25 years, we have had to move with technology as it has changed and this includes getting used to the new low energy, noise reduction, servo motors. Over the past six months we have fitted Jack servo motors to a range of new and second hand industrial machines including walking feet, cylinder arm walking foot, 5 thread overlocker and standard straight stitch industrial machines. If you are unsure about the reasons for changing to the servo motor from a clutch motor then here are some of the key reasons for changing to the servo:
1. The motor speed ranges from an incredibly fast speed for those who do not need control through to the 0.5 setting which gives you ultimate control and a slow pace so you can keep both hands on the work for that detailed leather or upholstery work.
2. Whereas the clutch motor is noisy and it makes it difficult to work if you have your machine in your home or within a confined space, the servo motor is almost silent and runs smoothly.
3. It is so easy to use and programme and even easier to fit int he place of your existing clutch motor.
4. It is energy efficient so keeps the cost of using it to a minimum.
If you want to see for yourself how much control you get with these motors to make up your own mind then please see our You Tube clip at which shows our engineer Mark demonstrating the ease to use them.

We also now sell them on our Ebay show which is Cathedralsewingmachines so feel free to ask any questions about the different motor types available.



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