Sales of New Juki, Jack and Seiko Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machines-British Made Stands and Tops

We get a lot of enquiries from people wanting to know if the different Juki or Jack machines will sew through thick leather or canvas, so it is helpful to have a bit of information to make an informed choice before ordering your new industrial sewing machines.
Juki 8100e and 8700 are suitable for lighter materials and standard textiles. They struggle with canvas, heavy upholstery fabrics and medium to heavyweight leather.
Juki 8100H and 8700H are suitable for medium weight fabric as they have a heavier feed system and take slightly thicker thread.
Jack H2, Juki 1181 and Seiko H2-BL are all suitable for medium weight leather and canvas plus heavier upholstery fabric or horse blankets/ rugs.

We keep these machines in stock and they are set up on British manufactured stands and tops which we want to supply to provide a superior quality to some of the cheaper boards and stands on the market. Delivery to UK, Highlands, Islands, Northern Island and Southern Ireland can be arranged via our pallet service and we provide instructions on our You Tube channel for the final setting up.

If you want any further information about any of these machines, then call Mark on 01179807261 or contact us through the website for a quotation.



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